Prince Harry’s message of thanks to the people for coming out and supporting his Invictus Games.

[click here to watch the highlights of the games]


Will Greenwood & Scott Quinnell are joined by Prince Harry in School of Hard Knocks. 10pm SS2 & Sunday 10pm, Sky 1

Rio took Prince Harry’s Bday card to school for Show & Tell! (X)


Check out our newest supporter of - hanging out with the team!

Make sure you’re watching episode of tonight for some very special visitors via :

Prince Harry makes an appearance on this weeks School of Hard Knocks. Friday 10pm (SS2) and Sunday, 10pm (Sky 1). (x)

“Prince Harry will appear on “School of
Hard Knocks,“ meeting Birmingham rugby players. Airs Fri on Sky Sports 10pm BST) via @MissLJJ"